E.g., 10/02/2023
E.g., 10/02/2023
Title Program description Typesort ascending Credit Event date
Advancing Care Through Genomics: Essentials for Nursing Practice Online CNE/CME Course

Available until July 31, 2025 - Online CNE/CME Course

Genomic testing and genomic medicine are both rapidly growing fields, and the American Nurses Association recognizes that all nurses have a role in delivering genetics/genomics services to patients and families. Clinical advances have resulted in the introduction of genomics into practices ranging from primary care to oncology to critical care. These courses are designed to provide nurses and health care staff with broad education in genomics and were specifically developed to translate genomic science into practice.

    • 10.50 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit
    • 10.50 ANCC
    • 10.50 Attendance
Mayo Clinic Application of Quality Improvement: Tools and Methods Silver Level Knowledge Assessment Online CME Course

Available until December 31, 2023 - Online CME Course

The Mayo Clinic Applied Quality Essentials is a learning and self-assessment activity and aims to evaluate the physician’s knowledge in quality improvement concepts and methods. There are no prerequisites for this course. The module is offered as an online 30-question pre-test (Test A) and 30-question post-test (Test B). Test A and Test B versions each contain 30 distinct questions but will test to the same curriculum and can be taken as open book tests. Education credit will be awarded if the participant achieves a score ≥80% correct answers on the pre-test or post-test (two chances allowed). The learner’s choices along with the correct responses for each question will be provided at the conclusion of the test as well as an overall performance score and the rationale for the correct answer and/or relevant references to educational content.

    • 10.00 ABA
    • 10.00 ABIM
    • 10.00 ABOHNS
    • 10.00 ABPath
    • 10.00 ABPeds
    • 10.00 ABPM
    • 10.00 ABPMR
    • 10.00 ABPN
    • 10.00 ABS
    • 10.00 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit
    • 10.00 ANCC
    • 10.00 Attendance
Rheumatology Webinar Series - Recorded Webinar
Register NowOctober 19, 2023 10:30 a.m. MST



Enduring Ongoing
Mayo Clinic Nursing Grand Rounds These online CNE courses are designed for nurses and other healthcare professionals in all care settings and specialties. Topics include communication, ethics, wellness, workplace violence, compassion fatigue, opioid & substance abuse disorders, and many more. Patient scenarios, tools & strategies, and everyday application into practice are presented. Enduring Ongoing
Connecting with Patients for Tobacco Free Living Online CME Course

Available until March 31, 2024 - Online CME Course

Connecting with Patients for Tobacco Free Living is a three module, 3.5 hours, online learning experience using video, case-based learning, and interactive responses that prepares healthcare providers to motivate, treat, and support patients in becoming tobacco free. Tobacco use disorder is one of the leading causes of preventable death worldwide. Treatment consists of counseling for behavior change and pharmacotherapy. However, despite the availability of effective treatments, most patients do not receive treatment for tobacco use disorder due to provider difficulties in engaging and counseling patients as well as misperceptions about the safety and utilization of pharmacotherapy. This course provides participants with the skills and understanding to better engage patients, and the knowledge to deliver effective, evidence-based treatment and support.

    • 3.50 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit
    • 3.50 ABS
    • 3.50 Attendance
Nursing Grand Rounds: Relational Strategies for Avoiding Compassion Fatigue This online course provides an overview of compassion fatigue including definition, impact on healthcare providers, and disengagement. Relational strategies for gratifying clinical care and reducing compassion fatigue will be presented. Enduring
    • 1.40 ANCC
    • 1.40 ASWB
    • 1.40 Attendance
Mayo Clinic Talks Podcast: Genes & Your Health

Available until September 2024- Online CME Course

    • 6.25 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit
    • 6.25 AAFP Prescribed
    • 6.25 ANCC
    • 6.25 Attendance
Joint Exam Mastery for Primary Care Online CME Course

Available until September 15, 2024

This is an online course recommended for primary care providers. The course combines Mayo Clinic Talks podcast interviews about common musculoskeletal injuries and their clinical presentations with video demonstrations of joint exams as performed by Mayo Clinic orthopedic specialists.

    • 10.25 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit
    • 10.25 AAPA Category 1
    • 10.25 ANCC
    • 10.25 Attendance
Updates in Family Medicine Online Course

Available until May 14, 2026 - Online CNE/CME Course

This Mayo Clinic and Kaiser Permanente collaboration offers a comprehensive family medicine update course designed for practicing primary care and family medicine providers. This online course highlights the latest recommendations involving medical specialties important to the primary care setting that can be applied immediately into practice.

    • 14.50 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit
    • 14.50 AAFP Prescribed
    • 14.50 ANCC
    • 14.50 AOA Category 2-A
    • 14.50 Attendance
Genetic Testing for Cardiovascular Diseases Online CME Course

Available until January 1, 2025 - Online CME Course

Experts in the field of cardiovascular genetics and genetic cardiology detail the important role of genetics and genomics in the diagnosis, risk stratification, and treatment of diseases affecting the heart and the blood vessels.
    • 2.00 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit
    • 2.00 ANCC
Pain Management Online CNE Nursing Conference

April 25-25, 2023 - Hilton Rochester Mayo Clinic Area - Rochester, Minnesota

This course offers Live (in-person) and Livestream (virtual) attendance options

This conference will introduce and explore various approaches to managing acute and chronic pain including holistic and pharmacologic interventions. Nurses and other care providers interact with individuals with all types of pain across the healthcare continuum. Topics include chronic pain management across care settings, integrative therapies, disparities and inequities in treating pain, medical cannabis, and a patient's journey.

    • 12.00 ANCC
    • 12.00 Attendance
Cardiac Rehabilitation: The Mayo Clinic Rochester Model - Online CME Course

Available until June 1, 2025 - Online CME Course

Join cardiac rehabilitation experts for a comprehensive review of program fundamentals including program structure and management, secondary cardiovascular disease prevention, and new trends in CR. Program topics will provide details to ensure patients receive the highest, most-up-to-date quality of care and achieve the best possible outcomes. These self-study materials will provide an overview for health professionals new to cardiac rehabilitation, or those wanting to update their existing program, based on the experience of Mayo Clinic, Rochester.

    • 6.00 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit
    • 6.00 ANCC
Pharmacy Podcast Episode 140 : Updates on the Clozapine REMS Program: An Important Relic or Fool’s Gold of Safety?

Available until September 1, 2024 - Podcast Online CME Education

Jonathan Leung, PharmD, BCPS, BCPP provides updates on the clozapine REMS program, reviews the therapeutic benefits of clozapine, as well as key adverse events.

    • 0.75 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit
    • 0.75 AAPA Category 1
    • 0.75 ACPE
    • 0.75 ANCC
    • 0.75 Attendance
Mayo Clinic Talks: Pulmonary Function Testing

Available until February 1, 2026

Pulmonary function tests are extremely useful in both diagnosing and managing patients with respiratory disease. In addition to a medical history, physical exam and imaging studies, they give us a great deal of information of the pulmonary physiology and help us understand why patients have various respiratory symptoms. However, there are quite a number of pulmonary function tests available to us and which tests we should order can be confusing. Do we know when spirometry, lung volumes or diffusion capacity will be useful for evaluating the various pulmonary conditions? Our guest for this podcast is Dr. Alexander Niven, from the Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine at the Mayo Clinic and he’ll provide answers to these questions and more as we discuss “How to Use Pulmonary Function Tests Effectively”.

    • 0.50 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit
    • 0.50 Attendance
Foundational Genetic and Genomic Concepts – Online CNE/CME Course

Available until July 31, 2025 - Online CNE/CME Course

This introductory module to the concepts of genomics and genetics provides you with the foundation you need to incorporate individualized medicine into your practice.

    • 1.00 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit
    • 1.00 ANCC
    • 1.00 Attendance