2024 Poster Index

Presenter NamePoster Title
Yasir H. Abdelgadir, M.B.B.S.Global Awareness of Membranous Glomerulonephritis Over Two Decades: A Trend Analysis
Amir Abdipour, M.D.Low Grade B-Cell Lymphoma Manifesting as Macrophage Activation Syndrome: A Case Report
Aurangzeb Afzal, M.B.B.S.Blind Spot in the Radar of MEST-C Score: Type and Severity of Tubulointerstitial Nephritis in IgA Nephropathy
Aurangzeb Afzal, M.B.B.S.IgM and C3 Deposition in Primary Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis (FSGS): A Clinical and Histopathological Spectrum
Nehaal Ahmed M.D.Severe Symptomatic Hypercalcemia Induced Acute Kidney Injury and Hypertension
Alexandra Allman, M.D.When “Amphoterrible” Cannot be Blamed
Matt Baker, PharmDLong-term Safety and Efficacy of Voclosporin in Black Patients with Lupus Nephritis: Results from the AURORA 1 and AURORA 2 Studies
Bethany L. Boyle, M.D.A Curious Case of Renal Cysts
Andrew Carrel, Ph.D.Efficacy of 12-week pegcetacoplan in kidney transplant recipients with recurrent C3 glomerulopathy (C3G) or immune complex membranoproliferative glomerulonephritis (IC-MPGN) 
Melanie CorstenRhabdomyolysis in Diabetic Emergencies: A Rare Complication Highlighting the Necessity of Prompt Creatine Kinase Monitoring
Aimme CortesPolycystic Kidney Disease: An Analysis of Global Google Search Trends from 2004-2023
Aimme CortesSocial Listening as a Tool for Estimating Public Awareness of Chronic Kidney Disease
William Cortés-Figueroa, M.D.Case of a young male patient who developed autoimmune vasculitis leading to severe bleeding along with impending renal failure
Joshua Daum, M.D., M.S.Clear as "Budd": A Puzzling Case of IgA Nephropathy in the setting of Budd-Chiari Syndrome
Matthew Ross D'Costa, M.D.Humoral Immunity in Kidney Transplant Recipients Before and After COVID-19 infection
Victor Sebastian Arruarana, M.D.The effect of dietary protein consumption on renal function in adult patients with chronic kidney disease: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis
Oscar A. Garcia Valencia, M.D.Improving Health Equity: ChatGPT's Translation of Kidney Transplant FAQs for Spanish-Speaking Hispanic Community
Briauna Hawthorne, M.D.A Case Study of a Patient with Cobalt and Chromium Toxicity Following Hip Replacement
Larry Palmisano, PharmD, MBA, RPhSafety and Efficacy of Avacopan in Patients 65 Years and Older with ANCA-Associated Vasculitis
Priscilla Koirala, M.D.Intersecting Pathologies: Co-Occurrence of Alport’s Syndrome and Dense Deposit Disease
Rebecca Ann Kurian, M.D.A Case of Immunotactoid Glomerulonephritis in a Patient with Autoimmune Liver Disease after Septic Shock
Caroline Bergeron Ledet, M.D.Haptens Happen: A Case of Pigment Nephropathy Secondary to Intravenous Famotidine
Yun Liang, M.D., M.P.H.Severe Lymphopenia and Increased Memory and Senescent T cells at 3 Years After Transplantation Correlate with Mortality
Poemlarp Mekraksakit, M.D.Parathyroid Adenoma in a Patient with Gitelman Syndrome and Hypercalcemia
Poemlarp Mekraksakit, M.D.Acute Interstitial Nephritis Induced by Monoclonal Antibodies Targeting Calcitonin Gene-Related Peptide (CGRP) – Unveiling a Novel Suspect
Jonathan Mina, M.D.Addressing the Fluid Resuscitation Conundrum in Sepsis among End Stage Renal Disease Patients: An In-Depth Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Jordan S. Nunnelee, M.D.Concurrence of Chronic Kidney Disease and Monoclonal Gammopathy: The Importance of Recognizing the Diagnosis of MGRS
Steven Pham, D.O., MBAAcarbose unveiled: A breakthrough in postprandial hypotension treatment
Yeshwanter Radhakrishnan, M.B.B.S.A case of membranous nephropathy secondary to chronic lymphocytic leukemia
Zeyad Rifai, D.O.Eculizumab Therapy in SARS-CoV-2 Induced CM-TMA: A Case Report on Renal Recovery
Lauren Dwyer, M.P.H., MBA, RDSparsentan, a Novel Nonimmunosuppressive Therapy for Patients With Immunoglobulin A Nephropathy (IgAN): Pivotal Phase 3 PROTECT Trial Data
Anna Schubart, Ph.D.Iptacopan (LNP023) Inhibits Activity of Factor B (FB) Mutants Identified in Patients With Atypical Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome (aHUS)
Mohammad Salman Sheikh, M.D.Navigating Lithium Pill Identification with ChatGPT-4 Vision: Implications for Nephrology
Mohammad Salman Sheikh, M.D.Evaluation of ChatGPT-4’s Efficacy in Identifying Kidney Health Medications from Self-Captured Pill Images: A Pilot Study
Zafar Siddiqui, M.D.A Unique Case Study of Type I Cryoglobulinemia Mediated Renal Injury
Nickolas Steinauer, M.D., Ph.DAcute interstitial nephritis as a rare manifestation of VEXAS syndrome
Andikan Effiong Udoh, M.D.A Tale of Two Kidneys
Paavana Varanasi, M.D.Unraveling MGRS Challenges Amidst CKD Risks
Samiddhi D Weerasiri, M.D.A Case of 5-Oxoprolinemia

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