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It’s our privilege to be a gold sponsor of the Mayo Clinic Artificial Intelligence Symposium for 2021. We look forward to the exchange of experiences and insights on AI for Healthcare, and we hope to have the opportunity to chat with you in the coming days.  Our leadership team has been providing consulting services for Mayo Clinic since 1996 as well as a long list of other leading healthcare provider, life science, health technology and payer organizations. 

Very special thanks to our valued partner, Mayo Clinic, for hosting this event. And our thanks, also, to all of you who are as passionate as we are about the potential of AI for improving the lives and health of the folks in our communities.      

Enjoy the event!
- Paul and Jeff


Technology Innovation for the Healthcare Industry.

The healthcare industry continues to face increasingly complex and interwoven challenges. Incongruent information systems working in silos, uncertain regulatory environments, to frequent disruptions in business models remain at the core of the most of these obstacles.

At ACS Solutions & Analysts, we ask ourselves, how can we build, evolve and leverage our capabilities to help alleviate some of these problems? We believe future-looking technology – specifically the advancements in cloud, AI as well as business optimization and collaboration tools – will play a pivotal role in the transformation of health care in the coming years.

ACS Solutions’ HealthcareNexT is a program that brings together the spirit of innovation and extensive industry expertise, and intelligent technology solutions to create a better and more empowered healthcare value-chains globally.

Additional Information: 

PDF icon Telehealth-Whitepaper-Importance-of-Telehealth-in-the-Post-COVID-Era.pdf

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