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When medication alone is no longer enough, many patients turn to Deep Brain Stimulation to treat the symptoms of Parkinson's disease like tremors, rigidity, and difficulty walking. With early enough intervention, DBS can reduce tremors, increase mobility, and may even allow you to reduce the amount of medication you have to take—giving you freedom from unpleasant side effects.

Boston Scientific's Directional DBS Systems* have current steering technology, which gives your doctor an incredibly sensitive and precise "steering wheel" to manage the challenging terrain as your body's needs change. With the ability to choose between the rechargeable Vercise Gevia™ or the thin and comfortable non-rechargeable Vercise™ PC, no matter where your Parkinson's disease goes, our Directional DBS Systems will follow and create more opportunities for therapy to be effective.

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Vercise™ Directional DBS Systems