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Equelle’s novel, innovative approach to menopause symptom management has been validated in three clinical trials, and its active ingredient, S-equol, has been scientifically studied for over 20 years. Menopause symptoms range widely but all symptoms are related to the steep drop in estrogen production that comes with menopause. Because Equelle mimics estrogen in the body, Equelle can help manage a range of the most bothersome symptoms.

Here at Equelle, we’re on a mission to change the conversation about how women 40+ should thrive. Every woman’s estrogen levels naturally decline with age, leading to the different stages of menopause, yet society still often treats this natural lifestage as a taboo medical condition. At Equelle, we believe women deserve open and honest conversation, high-quality education, and effective products to tackle the symptoms that come with estrogen decline.

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