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Matthew Stone
Business Development

Jun Fabella
CEO and Managing Partner

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ANiGENT is a company that uses artificial intelligence analytics to deliver a state-of-the-art drug diversion prevention surveillance system. Run by forward thinkers, innovators, and healthcare pioneers, ANiGENT is the result of a collaborative partnership with Mayo Ventures.

ANiGENT believes that an effective drug diversion prevention platform must be able to pull and harmonize data from multiple sources. Its MAAP Analytics platform has the capability to track and monitor all users and all medications in all locations. This patent-pending platform is the result of many years of development and practice refinements by chief product officer and managing partner, Charles D’Amato who is a former pharmacist at Mayo Clinic Arizona. He discovered that proprietary technology could be utilized to achieve what other drug diversion products could not.

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Why this partnership benefits Mayo:

ANiGENT’s philosophy of enhancing the lives of those they serve mirrors that of Mayo Ventures’ values. Our unique partnership is designed to quickly focus on solutions that will benefit the communities that we both serve. ANiGENT leverages Mayo’s IP and subsequent investment into the Mayo/ANiGENT partner solution (Mayo retains 35% ownership of ANiGENT). ANiGENT is deploying a significant, technically enhanced, secure and scalable SAAS Medication Administration and Analysis Program (MAAP) throughout the Mayo Enterprise.

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