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Course Dates - September 17 - 18, 2021 with additional dates through October 9, 2021 - LIVESTREAM

“Transdisciplinarity takes us beyond disciplines by weaving a new kind of knowledge... it is at once between, across, and beyond all discipline. “  - Basarab Nicolescu (1997, 2005)

The exponential growth of knowledge in the age of information creates complex problems that cut across the entire spectrum of the practice of medicine and society. The problems we now face in medicine and society are too complex for one point of view and require that we move beyond discipline-based learning. The more complex the problem, the less adequately it can be addressed by one single disciplinary point of view. Future practitioners will require skills that reach beyond their own literacies. Transdisciplinarity asks us to be comfortable with an active exploration in an intellectual space that may exceed our extant cognitive capacities.

We invite proposals that respond to the call for transformative thinking with an emphasis on collaborative work across disciplines. Of particular interest are proposals that address peace and social justice, equity, inclusion and diversity, and the impact of medical humanities in the time of COVID19.  Proposals should be inclusive of all voices representing the full scope of health humanities in Education, Research and Patient Care. 

Presented by 2 to 4 facilitators representing a range of disciplines and institutions, workshops will engage participants in an applied practice of health-related humanities with a focus on techniques and skills.  Presenters will identify collaborators in their submission.  One submission per workshop.  90 minutes.

Panel Discussion
Designed to examine a central issue or question, 3 to 4 presenters will offer brief, diverse perspectives of 15-20 minutes, followed by 15 minutes for discussion. The proposal should identify all panelists at the time of submission.  One panelist will serve as the discussion moderator. One submission per group. 75 minutes. 

Collaborative original works of music, spoken word, theatre, dance or any other performance-based artistic medium will be presented by a minimum of 2 artists.  Maximum length is 60 minutes with 15 minutes for audience discussion. 75 minutes.

Reverse Paper/ Incubator
 In this format, individuals will have 10 minutes to present a brief description of a new, original work-in-progress, idea or a paper with a central research question, and followed by 10 minutes to invite creative, spontaneous ideation. Content will not have been previously published or presented.  Presentations may be grouped according to focus or theme by the planning committee and offered as a breakout session or may be scheduled as part of a large group session.

Submission deadline is 11:59 pm Central Time, July 9, 2021. Proposals received after the deadline will not be reviewed.  Notification of a proposal's status will be sent via email by the end of July, 2021. 

  • If accepted, all presenters will be required to complete disclosure forms to qualify for continuing education credit.
  • Presenters are required to complete a registration form, pay the registration fee for the whole meeting, and cover all personal expenses.
  • Scoring Rubric for Abstracts
  • Questions?  Email

Learning Objectives

  • Describe methods of enhancing healthcare practices in research, education and patient care through transdisciplinary approaches to address complex issues in medicine.
  • Identify ways in which health humanities and the arts can provide valuable teaching tools for health care professionals and students.
  • Explain how the active experience of the humanities and the arts (history, literature, fine and performing arts and others) can improve the experience of health, illness and healthcare.