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ImmersiveTouch empowers clinicians with greater precision and consistency of care with patented medical technology that simulates each patient’s unique pathology with 3D holographics in its AR/VR metaverse. The company’s proprietary software platform integrates solutions for surgical planning, navigation, training, and patient engagement.

We believe in a world where patient care is no longer pre-determined by the limitation of current procedures. Our AI digital surgery platform enhances clinical intelligence, evolves minimally invasive techniques, and redefines optimal patient outcomes.

Our mission is to:
- Improve Patient Outcomes
- Reduce Complications
- Eliminate Variability
- Accelerate Training & Proficiency
- Increase Transparency

VR Planning
ImmersiveView™ is a state-of-the-art FDA 510K cleared virtual reality application designed to enhance the diagnosis and treatment of skeletal fractures. Our cutting-edge technology allows physicians to visualize and manipulate detailed 3D models of the affected area, providing a powerful tool for accurate diagnoses, precise surgical planning, and improved patient outcomes.

By utilizing the ImmersiveTrauma™ module, surgeons can not only validate the reduction but also decrease fractures in real-time. The ImmersiveTrauma™ module also generates 3D printable output that can be used for plate bending to reduce time.

Surgical Rehearsal
No longer limited by certain angles, surgeons can easily view the targeted anatomy, clearly and accurately, just as it exists in reality – taking the guesswork out.

3D printed Surgical Guides
We design and manufacture models needed for surgery, including positioning guides, splints, marking guides, and 3D anatomical models.