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Mayo Clinic Talks Podcast: Genes & Your Health - Part 2

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Presented by the Center for Individualized Medicine

Individualized medicine, genomics, and associated technologies that drive patient care are rapidly advancing, outpacing the education available. Individualized medicine, focusing on what makes each of us unique, is becoming an important consideration in patient care.  The Genes & Your Health podcast miniseries aims to distill what is being learned related to genomics into practical content the primary care provider and health care teams can use in patient care.

Denise M. Dupras, M.D., Ph.D., Moderator


Learning Objectives

Upon completion of the Mayo Clinic COVID-19 Live Webinar Series course, learners should be able to:

  • Apply appropriate genomic terminology as it would be used in their clinical practice.
  • Examine new and emerging genomic technologies that support clinical health outcomes.
  • Evaluate relevant applications of genomic technologies within clinical practice to support patient care. 
  • Define strategies to overcome obstacles for implementing genomic technologies within clinical practice.

Attendance at any Mayo Clinic course does not indicate or guarantee competence or proficiency in the skills, knowledge or performance of any care or procedure(s) which may be discussed or taught in this course.

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Cell-Free DNA: Implications in Practice
Denise M. Dupras, M.D., Ph.D.
Minetta C. Liu, M.D.
Myra J. Wick, M.D., Ph.D.
What is Cell-free DNA? How does this type of DNA interact with our body? How is it useful in the clinical setting? Advances in technologies has expanded our understanding of cell-free DNA and its implications. Where are we now and what can we look for in the future? Find out these answers and more in the 7th episode of the Genes & Your Health miniseries from the Center for Individualized Medicine.
Genomics for Cardiovascular Health in Primary Care
Denise M. Dupras, M.D., Ph.D.
Iftikhar J. Kullo, M.D.
What is familial hypercholesterolemia? Who should be tested for it? Are there genetic variants that are associated with cardiovascular disease? How young do we start screening? The 8th installment of the Genes & Your Health miniseries from the Center for Individualized Medicine is here to help answer these questions and more!
Preparing Your Practice for the Increased Use of Genomics
Denise M. Dupras, M.D., Ph.D.
Megan A. Allyse, Ph.D.
Jennifer (Jenny) L. Anderson, M.S., CGC
Radhika Dhamija, M.B.B.S.
Genetic testing is increasingly becoming mainstream. Not only is it first-line testing for many different indications, but we have begun seeing an increase in predictive genomics for healthy patients as well. How can your practice prepare for what is here and what is to come? Tune in to the 9th episode of the Genes & Your Health miniseries from the Center for Individualized Medicine to find out.
Predicting the Future: What Role is Artificial Intelligence Playing Today and What Can We Expect in the Future?
Denise M. Dupras, M.D., Ph.D.
Christopher (Chris) A. Aakre, M.D.
Bradley J. Erickson, M.D., Ph.D.
Artificial Intelligence has begun being utilized in Radiology. In fact, it was boldly predicted that radiology would become an obsolete profession as a result! How has it altered this practice? How will it after our practices move forward? Join our 10th episode of our Genes & Your Health miniseries from the Center of Individualized Medicine to learn these answers and more!
Hot Topics in Phage Therapy
Denise M. Dupras, M.D., Ph.D.
Gina A. Suh, M.D.
What is Phage Therapy? When was it discovered? Where is it used? We know about antibiotics, antifungals, and antivirals, but this is a whole new world! Have no fear, episode 11 is here from the Genes & Your Health miniseries to help demystify all there is to know about Phages.


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