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Accreditation Review & Approval Committee Disclosures

*This individual disclosed a financial relationship(s) as listed below.  Otherwise, the individual has no financial relationships. 
All relevant relationships have been mitigated.

Accreditation Review &
Approval Committee

Accreditation Review & 
Approval Committee

Accreditation Review &
Approval Committee

Nicole Billingsley
Karen Gilliland
Mitchell Humphreys, MD*
Atul Jain, MD
Mira Keddis, MD*
Devyani Lal, MD*
Jon Nordrum, DPT, DSc
Samir Patel, MD
Chara Pruszynski, MPH
Luis Scott, MD
Jiajian Shen, PhD

Elizabeth Adado
Kristy Badder
Jodi Lee Beert
Gloria Cadden
Tamara Chauncey
Nicole Hildeman
Jenny Kundert
Sarah Lindsten
Whitney Prewitt
Cassandra Skomer
Melissa Tadeo

Arveen Bhasin, MD
Angela Donaldson, MD
Larry Johnson, MSN
Ann King, MBA
Rami Manochakian, MD*
Shyamal Mehta, MD*
James Meschia, MD
William Palmer, MD
Ivan Porter II, MD
Jason Starr, DO*

Iwona Bukato
Michelle Cooper
Bonnie Ganther
Denise Klarich
Sheila Newby
Sean O'Connell
Lauren Perdue
Karen Steele

Daniel Cabrera, MD*
Darryl Chutka, MD*
Andy Herber, PA-C
Kelly Huneke
Sanjeev Kakar, MD*
Jane Linderbaum, MS, APRN, CNP
Marilyn Marolt
Peggy Paulson, MS
Jessica Schmitt, MEd
Garrett Schramm, PharmD, RPh
Erik K. St Louis, MD
Richard Swanson
Amy Whitby, MS

Barb Baasch-Thomas
Carrie Bartsh
Aliesha (Lechnir) Bechly
Rachel Benrud, MBA
Alison Bentley
Susan Benysh, PhD
Jennifer (Jenni) Bertschinger
Jessica Carter
Jennifer Curran
Kathy Fuqua
Emily Gammell
Troy Giest
Karol Gluth
Cindy Hafferty
Shannon Halvorson
Kelly Hauger
Corinne Irish
Kelly Iverson
Dorinda Johnson
Kris Jones
Samantha Keefe
Kari Koenigs
Sady Lanza
Shauna Larson
Amy Low
Theresa Malin
Christopher (Chris) Minter
Kathy Meyers
Michael Peda
Jenna Pederson
Krista Petersohn
 Jeannie Poterucha Carter
Julie Reed
Susan Reigel
Kayla Rojas
Crystal Schacht
Cathy Schilling
Nicki Smith
Elizabeth (Betsy) Wall
Thomas Wheeler
Laura Wilson
Lisa Winter

Financial Relationships
Daniel Cabrera, MD (MN) - Intellectual Property and Royalties sharing from (1) AI-HER record tool and resource prediction (Diagnostic Robotics, Israel) and (2) POC testing (Osler Diagnostics, UK)
Darryl Chutka, MD (MN) - Stock shareholder - Exact Sciences
Mitchell Humphreys, MD - Consultant - Johnson&Johnson (Auris Surgical Robotics); VSI urology Advisory Group; Adva-Tech; Grant/Research Support - Boston Scientific (fellowship support) and Research; Cook Urologic (fellowship support); Other - President GSD Healthcare LLC (non-profit organization); Board of Trustees Columbia College; Board of Directors Mayo Alumni Association
Sanjeev Kakar, MD (MN) - Honoraria (Arthrex, Inc., Arthrex Global University, Gemini Medical, LLC, Akcea Therapeutics, and Miller Review Course); Consultant (Restor3d and Arthrex); Stock (Orthobullets and Sonex)
Mira Keddis, MD (AZ) - Honoraria - Allena Pharmaceuticals
Devyani Lal, MD (AZ) - Consultant - GlaxoSmithKline
Rami Manochakian, MD (FL) - Honoraria - AstraZeneca, Onclive; Consultant - Millenium Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Shyamal Mehta, MD (AZ) - Honoraria - Neurocrine Biosciences, Inc., Adamas Pharmaeuticals, Inc., PRIME Education, Inc., Abbott Laboratories
Jason Starr, DO (FL) - Honoraria and Consultant - Natera, Pfizer, Ipsen, Accelerated Advanced Applications, Tersera
Elizabeth (Betsy) Wall (MN) - Stock shareholder - Agenus; Kintara Therapeutics; Clovis Oncology; Vertex Pharmaceuticals

Off-Label and/or Investigational Uses
Daniel Cabrera, MD - (1) Diagnostic Robotics - Artificial intelligence EHR note creator, (2) Diagnostic Robotics - Resource utilization AI-prediction algorithm, and (3) Osler Diagnostics - POC distributed diagnostic platform

Inactive Committee and Staff
Samuel Allen (October 2020)
Mary Stevens (February 2021)
William Freeman, MD (April 2021)
Hani Wadei, MD (April 2021)
Kristin Rosenbush, MSN, RN, CCRN (April 2021)
Carrlene Donald, PA-C, MS (April 2021)
Danielle Ramsey (May 2021)
Jeff Poterucha (August 2021)