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E.g., 03/06/2021
E.g., 03/06/2021
Title Program description Type Credit Event date
Telephone Communication in Nursing - Online CNE Course

Available until June 15, 2021 - Online CME Course

    • 0.50 ANCC
    • 0.50 Attendance
COVID-19 Manual Prone Positioning - Free Online CNE Course

Available until Aug 8, 2021 - Online

    • 0.00 Attendance
7th Annual Neuro and Intensive Care: Review, Workshops and Controversies 2021 - LIVESTREAM

May 5 - 8, 2021 - LIVESTREAM - ET

This CME course is designed for medical providers who care for patients with neurological emergencies, acute stroke and brain hemorrhage, acute brain injury, coma and disorders that require hospital, emergency department and Intensive Care Unit (ICU) evaluation...

    • 9.75 ACPE
    • 19.75 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit
    • 19.75 ANCC
    • 19.75 AOA Category 2-A
    • 19.75 Attendance
05/06/2021 to 05/08/2021
Nasopharyngeal Swab Collection - Free Online CNE Course

This free online CNE course provides basic instructions how to perform a nasopharyngeal swab collection. Topics include personal protective equipment along with donning and doffing procedure, specimen collection equipment, anatomical landmarks for nasopharyngeal swabbing, and differentiation of types of swab collection based on virus being tested.

    • 0.25 ANCC
    • 0.25 Attendance
2020 LPN Clinical Practice Review - Online CNE Conference

October 20, 2020

The 2020 LPN Clinical Practice Review-online CNE conference is designed to share clinical updates on a variety of topics, impacting all ages, across the continuum of care. This clinical review course applies to LPNs practicing in a variety of settings, both inpatient and outpatient.

    • 2.68 ANCC
    • 2.68 Attendance
6th Annual Mayo Clinic Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) - LIVESTREAM

April 15 - 17, 2021 - LIVESTREAM

Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) is a multidisciplinary, multi-modal approach to perioperative care. Evidence-based medicine is employed to optimize the patient’s pre-, intra-, and post-operative course promoting early recovery while post-op complications and costs are reduced. This conference will also focus on multi-modality pain management which allows for reduction in post-operative opioid use. This proactive approach is evidence-based medicine conducted in a coordinated, integrated and multidisciplinary fashion.

    • 11.25 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit
    • 11.25 ANCC
    • 11.25 AOA Category 2-A
    • 11.25 Attendance
04/15/2021 to 04/17/2021
5th Annual Cutaneous Oncology Symposium 2021

October 1 - 2, 2021 - Four Seasons Resort Orlando at Walt Disney World® Resort - Orlando, Florida

This course offers LIVE (in person) and LIVESTEAM (virtual) attendance options. 

This two-day CME course focuses on ten controversial topics in cutaneous oncology covering the fields of dermatology, surgical oncology, radiation oncology and medical oncology. The goal is to discuss the available evidence of these topics to assist in making the most informed decisions.

    • 10.25 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit
    • 10.25 ANCC
    • 10.25 AOA Category 2-A
    • 10.25 Attendance
10/01/2021 to 10/02/2021
Youth E-Cigarette Use: What Nurses Need to Know - Free Online CNE Course

Available until August 23, 2021 - Online CME Course

This free online CNE course provides an overview of e-cigarettes including different types of products, health effects of youth vaping such as EVALI, current trends, and youth-specific cessation resources.

    • 0.66 ANCC
    • 0.66 Attendance
Mayo Clinic Rheumatology Review for Primary Care - ONLINE CME Course

Mayo Clinic Rheumatology Review for Primary Care - Online

This online CME course provides internists and general practitioners with up-to-date information on rheumatologic disorders and provides a complete general review for rheumatologists and rheumatology fellows.
    • 10.50 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit
    • 10.50 ANCC
    • 10.50 AOA Category 2-A
    • 10.50 Attendance
Pain Management - Online CNE Conference

Available until August 2, 2021

The Pain Management Nursing Conference-online CNE Conference is designed to introduce and explore various approaches to managing pain. Nurses and other care providers interact with individuals with all types of pain across the healthcare continuum.

    • 4.87 ANCC
    • 4.87 Attendance
Promoting Coping Strategies in Children to Help Manage Chronic Stress - Free Online CNE Course

Available until March 1, 2022 - Online CNE Course

    • 0.75 ANCC
    • 0.75 Attendance
47th Annual Professional Nurse Educators Group (PNEG) National Conference: Innovate.Educate.Motivate.

September 30 - October 1, 2021 - LIVESTREAM

Innovate.Educate.Motivate. The rapidly changing environment has challenged nurse educators to innovate and respond quickly to meet needs of learners. Technology is providing new applications for teaching and learning that expand the science of nursing education. Developing dynamic partnerships between academia and practice is essential.
    • 14.50 ANCC
    • 14.50 Attendance
09/30/2021 to 10/01/2021