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Dedicated Education Units (DEU) 2021 Online CNE Course Series

This online CNE course series is designed to provide organizations interested in implementing an innovative clinical nursing education model that builds student competence, socializes students to the role of the nurse and provides greater staff nurse satisfaction. The DEU model highlights an innovative academic practice partnership.

This online CNE course series is blended learning with live facilitated sessions, enduring modules, and learner Q/A sessions with subject matter experts including academic nursing faculty.

Promoting Coping Strategies in Children to Help Manage Chronic Stress-Free Online CNE Course

This free online CNE course will provide data to validate the need for resiliency education for school age children along with tools and strategies for coping with stress and enhance well-being.

Youth E-Cigarette Use: What Nurses Need to Know- Free Online CNE Course

Youth vaping has been deemed an epidemic by the FDA and the U.S. Surgeon General. This session will cover the basics of e-cigarettes. The risks of youth vaping. Current trends, and youth-specific cessation resources.

Simulation Instructor Development: Basic Course 2021

This one-day multidisciplinary, interactive course will provide an introduction to simulation-based education. Topics covered include discussion of: principles of experiential learning, planning a simulation course, writing and implementing scenarios, and debriefing strategies

Simulation Instructor Development: Comprehensive Course 2021

This three-day multidisciplinary interactive course will develop instructors for simulation-based education. Participants will learn the principles of experiential learning, including types of simulation-based education, designing and implementing scenarios, and debriefing strategies.

Simulation Instructor Development: Debriefing-Beyond the Basics

This advanced debriefing course will address the needs of simulation facilitators who are interested in improving their debriefing skills. Using a combination of interactive and immersive group work, this session will focus on enriching facilitation skills of the debriefers and provide an opportunity to reflect on their own practices for better educational outcomes.

Telephone Communication in Nursing - Online CNE Course

This online CNE course will provide a basic overview of communication strategies when providing care for patients over the telephone. Topics include opening/closing the call, nursing assessment, listening skills, effective questioning including open-ended questions, identification of nonverbal cues, and use of role play scenarios.

Nasopharyngeal Swab Collection-Free Online CNE Course

This free online CNE course provides basic instructions how to perform a nasopharyngeal swab collection. Topics include personal protective equipment along with donning and doffing procedure, specimen collection equipment, anatomical landmarks for nasopharyngeal swabbing, and differentiation of types of swab collection based on virus being tested. 

Covid-19 Manual Prone Positioning-Free Online CNE Course

This free online CNE course describes the process for manual prone positioning therapy and subsequent ongoing assessment and management of intubated patients.